Saturday, May 19, 2012

Latest Commission

Wow, two and a half months have just flown by! I am excited to be nearing the end of my pharmacy residency and we're gearing up to move soon.  I am in the process of finishing two commissions, one of which I can show here.  (The other is too big to scan at 14x18 inches!)

This pair of birdies are #2 and #3 of 3 canvases that were inspired by a photograph of a desert sand wren that my friend, Marybeth Farrell took.  Marybeth is a photographer out of Joshua Tree, CA, and she graciously allowed me to reproduce her cute little birdie!  You can find her original photograph at  desertnanasdailyphotos (it's worth checking out, believe me!)  I find all of Marybeth's work so inspiring!!! Thank you, MB, for allowing me to springboard off your beautiful photography!!!
It's too bad the third piece, a birdhouse, was too big a canvas to scan on my little scanner.  It is an 8x16" canvas and not even part of it would scan nicely, so I just left it off.  Maybe someday I can buy a bigger scanner!  The trio of canvases were commissioned by a friend, for her friend, who is decorating a whimsical room.  The requirements for this piece were that it consist of a set of 2 6x6 canvases and one tall, thin canvas.  It had to have orange in it, and it had to compliment the blue wall opposite the wall these will hang on.  The blue wall had a white whimsical tree image on it as well.  The subject and composition were left entirely up to me, but I know my friend loves my collage style.  I took it and ran with it, and this trio, titled "Home Tweet Home," the end result! I LOVE the blended colors, the free-flowing scrolls and leaves, and the collaged birdies turned out so sweet!  I'll never forget the magic "re-appearing" orange Shimmering Mist--a layer that I never expected to see again, which magically bloomed 3 layers later, with the application of matte medium!  (You had to see it to believe it!) :-)

These two images (and several others) I will be sending in to a wonderful art studio/shop in McCall, where we are moving in a month, in the hopes that their jury will accept my work for sale in their shop.  Red6Red is owned by a gal named Megan Henderson, who designs and sells quirky-awesome mirrors from found objects.  Her shop is full of hand-crafted furniture, textiles, jewelry and wall art--and I think my artwork would be a great fit!  I will keep you posted on this new venture!