Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleds and skiing

Danny traded a gun for one sled and paid less than $2000 for the other. Though they are old, they run well and are a total kick in the pants. My first day sledding, I thought I wasn't catching on very well, but my second time I felt much more confident. The worst part is the thought that the sled might get too hot--and to prevent this you have to go FAST. This allows the track to throw snow on the engine and cool it down. Problem being, going fast decreases the amount of control you have over the sled, so it has to be on a long, flat, straight stretch of trail. Riding a snowmobile gives you muscles you never knew you had, by the way! The picture of me skiing was taken at Bogus Basin on the Lower Nugget (a black diamond run). It was super steep--just look at the trees! But I made it down in one piece and I am very proud of myself! It might be time to start tackling more black diamond runs, too.

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