Saturday, September 10, 2011

August Art

I spent the last month watching several Ustream artists and I think you can see how their colors and techniques have inspired my work. I have been trying to make my canvases mimic the color wash effect and I have been trying different techniques, such as the lace stamp shown here.

The lace stamp was re-purposed as a three-dimensional element for this piece, which isn't quite finished, I think. I hope to stream the final piece on Monday. It too is a teeny weeny 4x4, a format also inspired by my online friends. I love the blue and lime colors. If only I could get past the feeling that it has to be "perfect!" This is the most restrictive emotion in the world and never fails to freeze me in my tracks.


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! The second one...I mean I like them both but the second ones colors are booootiful! :) You posted! Wooohooo!

  2. I love the backgrounds - awesome use of color! Dark lace looks so cool too!