Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tatted Earring #1

This from today's tatting design sesh...a large dangle earring, pattern by yours truly. It was the second attempt. I am learning tatting design by trial and error, which is not the easiest. I am happy Ieft some bare picots. I really love the look of the sparkly beads to either side and at the bottom! I think on this design, less is more when it comes to beading; this lets the lace really shine. :)

Should I make the second earring??? I am not a large earring person but I could see me wearing these!!! And since they're lace, they are feather-light! (No stretching of the earring holes!!)

Have a wicked awesome day!
- Jo


  1. yes, make the second earring

  2. Yes, I'd definitely make the other - they look good on you! What colour are they?