Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Like tree-branches, birds and birdhouses? Why yes I do!

The muse has been smiling on me this week. What started as an experiment for my sister has exploded into a mini-series of related canvi. I have to give credit for the thought to my mom, who has been encouraging my art and my sister's quilting. I took a piece of fabric designed by Tina Givens and ran with the inspiration to create related art. I'll run these by my sister and see how she feels about them as complementary pieces for a room with a quilt by her.
Tina Givens Fabric that was the inspiration for the series

The scanner didn't really capture the brilliance of the canvas, or how very nearly the colors are matched (probably the texture has something to do with it too). But anyway, below you can see one of the pieces that were based on the fabric above.

"Crooked Birdhouse"

I love the curved birdhouse, with its little peg and 3-dimensional roof. I'm not sure why the color came out so fuzzy. Might have to try reloading another picture. This next image I really love because the birds look so friendly. The branches work well too, framing the subject with grace and just a touch of whimsy.

"Friendly Songbirds"

One of my online art friends suggested that I try different types of birds and different backgrounds, so I did, and the next canvas was the result. Unfortunately, I had the wrong setting chosen while streaming this, and that stream has gone down in history as the crazy twilight-zone stream, in which my friend Jean came to my rescue on Skype. The stream lagged a good half hour behind the chat, so no one could see what I was doing until much later! It was created using cream and blue acrylic, paper moth images (I just couldn't bring myself to call it Ranza's title), and walnut ink (for the cursive in the background and other spots).

"Butterflies through Alice's Looking Glass"

Thanks again, Jean, for all your wonderful help and conversation. I really owe you one ;) Finally this last piece was my take on a mountain bluebird, Idaho's state bird. I really hope I have captured the spirit of this beautiful creature! I was inspired to continue with the same branches theme, with the only difference being the bird is handpainted with acrylics. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Have a lovely day!

"Mountain Bluebird"


  1. heh heh.. I still cant get over how much the bluebird one looks like watercolor! Jo you are so very talented!

  2. Lovely work Jo!!! You are knocking art out of the park my friend!!!):)

  3. Love your canvases, Jo. Such talent!